Prospects stuck in the funnel? Unstick them with Statwax - performance marketing for SaaS. 

One in three SaaS leads is bad. We help you stop chasing bad leads and start separating and optimizing high-quality leads, and pumping your sales team with leads that close. 

5 things we guarantee our SaaS clients:

Increased percentage of leads that close

Separation of good leads from bad

Transparency in all spend, down to the penny 

Client ownership of all campaigns, assets, and data 

No outsourced work





We bring ABM into your paid tactics to turn target accounts into engaged prospects, with less time and spend. Paid search is a full-funnel strategy, and intent can change with every query and click. Our campaigns go beyond the keyword to help you find target customers at each stage of your customer journey. Audiences and key account lists are engaged with the right messaging at the right time, optimized based on your CRM data to ensure the marketing path is personalized and efficient at turning prospects into customers.

ABM Search Strategy

Your sales team doesn’t just need more leads - they need more quality leads. What good is higher volume if it never turns into anything? With integrations between your CRM customer data and digital ad platforms, we drive marketing qualified leads that are most likely to become actual customers. Now your sales team can work smarter and create more revenue with less effort. And it gives you full transparency into what every penny of ad spend helped produce for your business.

Optimize for Lead Quality

We know the importance of predictable, repeatable revenue for SaaS companies. Our data analytics and integration team is able to deliver a predictive model based on your lead data that not only helps you forecast number of leads, but how much you will pay for each lead. 

Predictive Modeling


Beginning with an audit and extensive research, we will work with your team to decide what strategies achieve your goals and fit your budget.

Paid Search

Paid Social

Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Predictive Modeling

Custom Analytics and CRM Integration



Using closed customer data to generate SQLs

Closing more customers on a flat marketing budget

Case Study

Case Study


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