Our goal is to help colleges and universities navigate the marketing challenges arising from COVID-19. 

Statwax is dedicated to our higher education partners during this uncertain time. This page will provide insights and resources that can help your marketing departments address the challenges that are brought on by this public health crisis. The page will be updated regularly with new information.


Insights on Higher Ed Marketing During COVID-19

The following resources have been compiled to help your marketing team navigate your enrollment, yield, and retention strategies during COVID-19.

Marketing to Prospective Students Who Take a Gap Year

Metrics and Trends to Monitor During
COVID-19 and Beyond

How to Engage Prospects Now That Everyone is at Home

Digital Strategies to Use Right Now to Help with Fall Yield

What to Do When
On-Campus Visits Aren’t An Option

How to Handle Transfer Students During COVID-19

Attracting Non-Traditional Learners in a Post-COVID World

The Benefits of a Chatbot in Higher Ed Marketing

Yield Marketing  – Using Digital to Engage Accepted Students

Trends to Monitor in Your PPC Campaign During COVID-19

Changing Search Behaviors During COVID-19

The rise of “online” searches during COVID-19

Digital marketing tips for higher education fundraising

How to Choose Which Online Higher Ed Degrees to Promote

Geofencing Strategies in the Age of COVID-19


COVID-19’s Impact on Higher Education

See the most current data on how COVID-19 is impacting traditional and digital marketing strategies and insights on how to adjust to best serve your current and future students. 

Chatbots for Higher Ed

Implementing a chatbot on your school’s website is a great step toward further engaging and converting prospective students. Here, we’ll dive into a few key data and information points about why your school’s website should be using a chatbot to engage prospects.

The Rise of “Online” Searches

Our data team has been evaluating our own higher education partner data and keeping an eye on any coronavirus-influenced digital trends emerging. Here are the biggest trends we have seen over the past two weeks between "online" and "near" search based queries.

COVID-19: Impact on Higher Education

Brian Walker, president of Statwax, walks you through recent data compiled from our own higher ed partners that show how coronavirus has changed digital campaigns for colleges and universities.

We're here if you need us. 

As an agency that helps higher education institutions, we are seeing first-hand the impact that the virus and its ripple effects are having on schools and students. Our communities all have to pull together to continue to provide the best experience for students in this uncertain time. We want to help how we can, and the best thing we know how to provide is our expertise. 

That is why we are offering a free, no-strings-attached hour of marketing consulting to you and your team. This time won’t be used to pitch our services or talk to you about how great we are; instead, we want to offer a dedicated “ask-me-anything” time for marketing leaders to talk meeting enrollment goals, retention strategies, online program marketing best practices, or just to bounce around ideas. If you are interested, click below to schedule a time to connect.

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